To contribute to Ahmad’s efforts to save more children from severe malnutrition and bring some drops of hope to some families, amidst total catastrophe and despair in Yemen, funds can be sent directly to Ahmad via Western Union. You will have to call in to one of the WU branches in person to arrange this, since they are not currently taking payments online for Yemen, you can find your nearest branch here:

The only details you need to make a payment via Western Union are Ahmad’s name, the amount, and the country to which is being sent. If location is asked for you may specify ‘Sanaa’.

Send to: Ayham Abdullah Hasan Alghopari
Location: Yemen
City: Sanaa
Telephone: +967770000502

Once the transaction has been completed, so that he can pick up the funds in Yemen you will need to notify Ahmad of:

  1. the transaction number;
  2. the amount sent;
  3. the name of sender;
  4. the country from which it was sent.


Please send this information via direct message to @AhmadAlgohbary so that he can discuss with you where to allocate funds and then he will send you photos back of any aid distributions that he does on your behalf.


Please note that transaction fees will be incurred with Western Union, and money transfer into Yemen is quite expensive, but there is no way around this, and there is no alternative method to send funds at this time. Thank-you for your support.