Jamal is the first little boy that Ahmad was able to help, which really marked the start of his aid work. Ahmad had tweeted a photo of Jamal, aged 4 years old, looking extremely malnourished, and a lady abroad saw the tweet and responded, asking if she could send money to ensure that Jamal would receive the care he needed to get better.

The problem in Yemen is that although treatment is available for Yemeni children at centers funded by UNICEF, the families are often so poor that they cannot even afford to travel to the clinics to get help, and even if they do get there, they cannot afford food and accommodation for family members to stay with the child for the duration required for the child to return to good health.

What Ahmad did in effect was sponsor the family of Jamal to ensure he could stop in the clinic for a full month until he had returned to good health, almost certainly saving his life. Here you can see the tweets and a video from that remarkable journey from sickness to health.



Sadly however, Jamal’s troubles did not end there. His father, being so poor and with no means to support his family during the war, found himself with no other option other than to try and smuggle ‘qat’ out of Yemen in order to provide for his family, and was arrested by Saudi authorities.


Jamal is now left without a father and his family without a breadwinner. Fearing that Jamal is therefore at risk of returning to a malnourished state as before his treatment, Ahmad will try to ensure that Yemen Hope and Relief may continue to meet the essential needs of this family to ensure Jamal has the chance to grow up a healthy child. If you would like to help support this family, please donate.


After Jamal, the next child that Ahmad tried to help was baby Mohammad.

Learn about the start of Yemen Hope and Relief here. 

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