Ahmad had a call from his friend in Hodeidah to ask if he could help Amran, age 8 years old, who was suffering from severe malnutrition and hemolytic anemia. He had previously visited the malnutrition center on a number of occasions but his family did not have the funds to stay there with him for […]


This was Ziad, one year old. He could not walk due to malnutrition. Ahmad was very upset when he saw Ziad’s photo. With your help, he raised some funds, and travelled a long distance to visit Ziad in his village, and then assisted Ziad’s family to help them travel to the malnutrition treatment to get […]

Ramadan Food Distribution

During Ramadan, thanks to a generous donor, Ahmad was able to complete the first food distribution for his newly named organisation, Yemen Hope and Relief. This included 50 food packages for 50 displaced families who had been forced to move from their homes in Taiz and and Haja, and are now currently living in tents […]


Baby Dua’a, just 8 months old, was severely malnourished. She was in need of 1 month of treatment at the malnutrition clinic to see her back to good health, but her family could not afford to stay there. Ahmad raised the funds needed to ensure that Dua’s parents could stay with her whilst she was […]


Batul was a beautiful 5 year old girl, but suffering from severe malnutrition. Her family had taken her to the clinic for treatment, but could not afford to stay there, so after 1 day they were obliged to return home, where she would surely die. Ahmad met Batul at the clinic whist he was trying […]


Mohammad was a little baby who was severely malnourished and in need of an urgent operation to relieve swelling on his brain, that his local hospital could not provide. Without the operation he was certain to die. Mohammad age 7 months is poorly in #Yemen,family needs $1500 to travel to #Sanaa + urgent operation. If […]


Jamal is the first little boy that Ahmad was able to help, which really marked the start of his aid work. Ahmad had tweeted a photo of Jamal, aged 4 years old, looking extremely malnourished, and a lady abroad saw the tweet and responded, asking if she could send money to ensure that Jamal would […]